PT Russell is a Bahamian creative and entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada.

She writes Fiction and Non-Fiction including: Short Stories, Microfiction, poetry and Screenplays.

PT was awarded an Honorable Mention from L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future contest for her first short story, “Orev.” She is currently adapting Orev into a graphic novel.

She has been published in Montreal Writes Literary Magazine, Fresh.Ink Magazine , The ORONO Weekly Times , Lolwe Magazine and The Penmen Review.

Recently she participated in ‘Unmute Your Mic,’ an online event hosted by The Writers Federation of Nova Scotia.

Art/Prose by PT appears in the following:-

ArtNonBinary Review

Photography Ariel’s Dream Journal

In the works:

An illustrated book of Flash Fiction.

PT is also a cinephile who enjoys listening to music and working in different art mediums; especially in oil pastels.

Most mornings you can find her running along nature trails and chatting it up with birds.

Storytelling  is an art form that possesses the phenomenal ability to articulate its voice through varied mediums.

It is a gift on divine assignment to the individual who stewards it well.

I use my art to externalise imagery and anecdotes from within.

Creating a story through words or pictures is a privilege that supersedes the artist and ultimately reflects ‘The Creator.’

Most art is subjective and open to interpretation from its observers.

Where there is art, there is beauty. Where there is beauty, there is art.

PT Russell

Photo Credit ©PT Russell.2020

Follow: PT on Twitter @ptwrites and Instagram @ptrussellwrites

EMAIL: ptrussellwrites@gmail.com

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